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Referendum: for all the EU’s huge flaws, it’s better to work for change with European colleagues

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Professor John Weeks and PRIME’s Jeremy Smith – who are also convenors of Economists for Rational Economic Policies (EREP) – were recently interviewed by Real News on the state of play in the EU referendum debate.  They explained the different motivations on both the Leave and Remain camps, and in particular the right-wing nature of most “Leave” campaigners – whether of the global ultra free-market fundamentalist strand, or the nationalist anti-migrant strand.  

John and Jeremy also argue that while the EU has huge weaknesses and is based on Treaties that impose a particular (damaging) economic ideology, it would be disastrous to see Europe fragment again now  into warring camps – it is  better to stay and work for change in partnership with European colleagues.  That said, their reasons for voting to remain are effectively the opposite of those of Messrs Cameron and Osborne.  The Conservative “Remain” leaders are – like the “Leave” campaigners on the right – driven by untrammelled free market economic ideology.  Both Leave and Remain camps on the political right seek to weaken the EU’s social and labour-conditions gains and protections  for working people. 

The Real News Network (TRNN) is a non-profit, viewer-supported daily video-news and documentary service.  It is mainly US-based but follows UK and international issues.

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