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Q3 – UK capital investment (GFCF) up, business investment down

In Q3 2014, GFCF is estimated by ONS to have increased by £0.7 billion (1.0%) since the previous quarter, to £73.2 billion. It is up 7.1% compared with Q3 2013. Most of the increase came from increased investment in other buildings and structures.

Also from ONS, in Q3 2014, business investment decreased by some £0.3 billion from Q2, but it is up 6.3% compared to Q3 2013.  The total of business investment was £44.6 billion – this is £2.6 billion higher than its pre-downturn peak in Q2 2008.  The main falls were in software and mineral exploration.

Government investment, which had fallen for each of the last 4 years, saw a 5.3% rise on the same Q in 2013.  However, it is still 16% down on the peak government investment Quarter 4 in 2009.



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